How Schools in New York Compare to the Rest of the World

There is a truth about education in New York as well as anywhere else in America. When comparing our schools to the world, our ability to compete is typically based on social economic class. So if your goal is to find the best public schools in America, you typically have to go to the most wealthy areas of each state. So when it comes to how does New York schools compare with the rest of the world, find the best schools in the area, it really depends on which schools you are talking about. If you’re simply talking about public schools, it depends on which schools around the world you’re comparing it to.

It is true that in America, our education system has been lagging behind the world and many different subjects. When it comes to the math and sciences, we lag behind. There’ve been great efforts to improve us in these areas and that is why stem education has become very popular. Educators understand how important science, technology, engineering and math are. Those are the things that make our modern world run. But at the same time, we can’t forget about the humanities and these other subjects that make us full people, people who can think on multiple levels.

So the schools and the richest areas of New York, be them public or private are very competitive, they compare very well to the best schools all around the globe. If you are comparing our public schools from more middle class and lower class areas, in some cases they lag behind seriously. This is because of multiple reasons. Some of it has to deal with funding, not having enough resources, not having parents who are intellectual and focus on education, having students who deal with a lot of strain and education is the least of their worries.

Finding a good school in New York is not difficult, it might be difficult to get into a quality school in New York, depending on your zone, if your child can get into a Mac program, if your child can get into a charter program, the more resources you have the better you will be able to educate your child. So people have the money to spend on greater education for their child,  holding back a young mind is the worst type of child abuse because it brings them for the future.

You can see now, that there are plenty of great schools in New York, they compare well with the great schools all around the globe. Unfortunately, education is not something that is truly democratized, how much of an education you get in this country typically depends on how wealthy your parents are. It depends on what neighborhood you grew up and if you can afford private education. So finding the right schools, find the schools that are highly competitive in the global world of education is possible in New York, some of the best schools are in New York so New York compares very well.